What causes global warming?

How is Earth affected?

Why is it so important for me to help?

What can I do to make a difference?

Kids, you can help too!

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Kids, you can help too!

Kids, you can help too!

    Ways to help at home:

    Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!  If you aren't recycling at home, tell your parents how important it is for your family to recycle and reuse the earth's resources.  Keep a basket next to your kitchen trash barrel to put just recycling items in, and you'll begin to see how much of what you normally throw in the trash which can be recycled.  Most recycling centers take glass, aluminum, tin, newspaper, cardboard, plastic, and mixed paper (such as cereal boxes and magazines).  The more your recycle, the more you'll reduce the carbon dioxide in the atmoshpere, and that will result in a reduction of global warming.
    Plant a tree.  Tree's actually absord CO2!
    Try to ride your bike, scooter or roller blade to a friends house, instead of getting a ride.  Of course, make sure it's OK with your parents.
    Turn off the lights when you aren't using them.
    Take shorter showers to save heating fuel.
    If you are cold in the winter, put on a sweatshirt or sweater, instead of asking Mom or Dad to turn up the heat.
    Turn off the TV or computer when you are done using them.  Leaving them to idle uses natural resources that increase global warming.
    Ask your parents to buy in bulk.   Buying small individually wrapped snacks and cereals, instead of taking one serving from a large box, wastes earth's resources.  
    Bring your own reusable mesh or canvas bags to the grocery store.  In five years, you will have kept an average of 1,000 bags out of the landfill!


    Projects you can do at school:

    If your school doesn't recycle, ask the principal if he/she will work with you to start a program.  Raising money for specially marked trash barrels for recycling may be all you need to do.  Some schools use a yellow barrell, to stand out from the other trash barrels, and they bore a hole in the middle of the lid and mark on the lid: glass and plastic bottles only!  If the school doesn't have recycling pick-up, ask a committee of parents to take turns bringing them to the recycling center.  Depending in where you live, you may even be able to turn the bottles in at local fund raising collection centers or trade them in for a refund!

    Remind your teachers to turn off lights when their rooms are not in use.

    Remind teachers to turn of computers and other equipment when not in use.  Make signs to help them remember.

    Study global warming topics any time you are doing reports for school.  Pass the word around about how important it is.  Send us your reports too, we want to read them:)

    Use the internet to learn about melting glaciers and changes in animal migrations, and tell your friends about it.

    Learn about earth's animals and plants that are going extinct due to global warming, and think of ways we can work together to save them.  Send us your ideas so we can add them to our website.

    Write to your congressmen/women and senators. Tell them you want them to concentrate their efforts on reducing global warming.  See our "How to contact your leaders" page.


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