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This school report was submitted by Calli, an 8th grader from Windward, CA.  If you'd like to send in your school reports, artwork, or project ideas on Global Warming, we'll gladly add it to this page.  Great job Calli! 


Dear Future President,

Congratulations on becoming president!!! What a major accomplishment! In this letter you will be reading about global warming. I think that global warming is an important issue in our world, and should be dealt with immediate action. Global warming is not only an issue in America, but all over the world. It is very dangerous for all humans, plants, and animals. Because of global warming, many bad things are happening to our world, and if we do not do something soon global warming will become a very hazardous thing.

Global warming is a fairly new discovery. Global warming is also a very important and urgent issue that needs attention right away. Scientists did not know that global warming was occurring, until the 1980's. Scientists also believed that global warming was occurring because certain gasses were polluting the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a certain gas which lets sunlight and heat into the earth, but also keeps these two things balanced. This is just like a greenhouse. The glass of a greenhouse lets sunlight and heat come through. This allows the plants inside to grow. Now, there is an excessive amount of carbon dioxide. This is making the earth overheated. Global warming was not a problem at first because people were not relaying on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are used to power many things such as cars factories and much more. When these fossil fuels are used they burn up and form carbon dioxide. Trees use carbon dioxide as food, but as people cut forests down, all the carbon dioxide is left in our atmosphere.

Global warming is important because many bad things are happening to the Earth. Some of these things are the ice caps melting, animals becoming endangered, and the air polluting by carbon dioxide and other gasses. Because the Earth is overheated, the icecaps are melting. This is a major hazard, because if all of the icecaps melt, the sea level will rise, causing all of our major coastlines to be lost forever. When the icecaps melt, not only will they wipe out the coastlines, they will also harm many species of animals. Animals will become endangered, because many animals will not be able to adapt to the new climate that global warming will bring. Many new diseases will be introduced to our planet. New diseases might be introduced to Earth because of the heat. The heat will bring out many more bacteria and viruses which might harm many people because no one has ever experienced those diseases before. Some people and scientists are starting to believe that because of global warming there will be an ice age. Scientists have this prediction because "destabilization of ocean currents may cause changes in the flow of jet stream, and create the threat of an ice age."

Global warming could become a major hazard to all living things very soon. Many people know about global warming, but are not doing anything about it. This is not okay because if people do not try to make a change, global warming will become a lot more dangerous. There are many things people can do to help reduce global warming. Some of the more simple things people can do is to reduce, reuse, and recycle. You can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide you use by turning off any lights when you are done using them, use public transportation or carpool, use green appliances in your home, use alternate energy sources, like solar and wind power, make sure that your dishwasher is full, so you do not have to run extra cycles, and get a car with good gas mileage, not just a hybrid. Hybrids are not good for the environment because many parts of the car are not reusable or recyclable. All of these things can save many pounds of carbon dioxide from being polluted into our environment. If every city or town, had one of these simple things, we could slowly make a difference to stop global warming.

Global warming is a major hazard to the earth, as you can see. Humans can do whatever they want to the earth. Pollute it, endanger the animals, plants and even humans. In the long run all that they are really doing is destroying themselves. The Earth will always renew itself no matter what happens. Thank you so much for reading this letter. I hope you take this into consideration.





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